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Some knowledge about the maintenance of LED floodlights
Date:2021-9-28 Publisher:
Some small knowledge about the maintenance of LED flood light

LED flood light is a very commonly used lamp in the field lighting. Many people think that LED flood light does not need to be managed after it is installed, but in fact it needs regular protection and maintenance to ensure its longer using time.

    How to do the maintenance of led flood light? As a professional manufacturer of outdoor lamps and lanterns for twelve years, Heshine Lighting, the editor will give you some tips on the maintenance of led floodlights:

1. Regularly check whether there is any foreign matter or dirt on the glass of the LED flood light, and arrange it in time to prevent it from affecting the light effect.

2. In the daily routine inspection, if the glass cover of the LED flood light is found to be cracked, it must be removed in time and returned to the factory for repair, otherwise serious water ingress will cause damage to the lamp.

3. During use, check regularly whether the fixing screws of the LED floodlights are loose and fall, and if so, reinforce them within hours to prevent them from falling.

4. Regarding the led flood light, it is in the wild for a long time, and it cannot be prevented from encountering strong wind and heavy rain. If you find that the projection point of the lamp changes, you must adjust the appropriate illuminating point of view in time.

5. When using led flood light, try to use it according to the standards and guidelines provided by the lighting manufacturer. For electronic products, it will not be guaranteed that it will not be broken. If the lamp is found to be damaged, it should be removed and returned to the factory for repair. Maybe replace.

    Regarding the led flood light, as it is used as a field lamp, many people do not pay attention to its protection and maintenance. Some details are simply ignored, which leads to a significant reduction in its lifespan. It is very important to do a good job of protection and maintenance, so as to give full play to its value.


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